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If you are a group of FC Barcelona members and fans and would like to become an official penya and take advantage of all the benefits that brings, you will have to fulfil a set of requisites and submit a formal request with the Penyes Department. 

The requisites to become an official penya include having a minimum number of penya members based on the location when you want to set up the penya. A percentage of these members will have to be FC Barcelona members too. You will also have to be entered into the associations registry and provide the necessary details.

You can find all the information regarding penya registration and enter your formal request for its constitution in this document:

Once you have completed the form to register your penya, you will need to send it in writing to the following email address: The Department of Penyas will review it and/or approve the submitted documents in line with the established procedure and deadlines.

Once the process is complete, the name of the penya will be registered temporarily until it is presented to the FC Barcelona Board of Directors for ratification.

After your penya has been ratified, it will be entered into the FC Barcelona Official Penyes registry, and the president will be sent the penya's identification credentials that provide access to the services and benefits for official penyes.



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